Peripheral Lament

Peripheral Lament //


Peripheral Lament is a music and poetry project which bounds across different landscapes, voices, spirits, forms and rhythms. It’s about mixed-race experience, postcolonial politics, poetics, and being caught between conflicting cultural traditions and expectations. Formally and thematically, these poems and audio-visual works displace cultural markers of traditions and respond to a range of experiences: from getting lost in a Colonial-era graveyard in the Himalayas, to celebrating Divali in Inverness, and eating kedgeree in the Western Highlands.  The intended effect throughout is to destabilise binary or fixed notions of home, tradition, language, race, and heritage. The central feature of this project is a forthcoming poetry collection, which is structured as a literary pibroch (a form of Highland Bagpipe music) in peripheral, partial form.  It follows three different sections which vary between free verse and droning syllabic patterns. The collection is also designed to be performed with three accompanying audio-visual works. These works feature spoken word, music, and spliced footage from colonial-era India.