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Nose of
The Fairy Hill

 Nose of The Fairy Hill //

Installation (4 min.) Archival Film, Spoken word, Music. 

This audio-visual installation, previously exhibited at Resipole Studios, combines collaged family Super 8 Footage with spoken word poetry and original ambient music  The film responds to the village, and villagers, of Strontian, Ardnamurchan, where Arun's Mother was born and raised.  It attempts to evoke and provoke 'rememories' that interrupt a sense of the past even though there is no tangible sense in which it involved you personally. 

 `…when the over and done with comes alive, when the blind field comes into view, when your own and another’s shadow shines brightly intimate that memory is haunted by the socially and spatially marginalised, and is never merely formed out of the individual recall of essentialised events, people, and places.'*

*Tim Edensor, “The ghosts of industrial ruins: ordering and disordering memory in excessive space”, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (2005) volume 23, pages 829-849

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