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Arun Sood is a Scottish-Indian writer, musician and academic working across multiple forms.  He was born in Aberdeen to a Gaelic-speaking, West-Highland Mother and a Punjabi-speaking Indian father, and has since lived in Glasgow, Amsterdam, DC, and now South Devon where he is Lecturer in English at the University of Plymouth.   


Arun’s creative practice ranges from visual installations and poetry to ambient musical tapestries made up of field-recordings, accordion, chanter, piano, violin, vocals, and programmed drums and synths.  Broadly, his works often reflect themes of mixed heritage, ancestry, language, and memory. 


As an academic researcher, Arun is also well established in the field of nineteenth-century literature, writing peer-reviewed cultural criticism on memory studies, postcolonialism, and the Romantic period.  He is the author of Robert Burns and The United States of America: Poetry, Print, and Memory, and is currently developing a major new project on Global Romanticisms. Further information on academic projects can be found on his university Staff Page.